Booking Policy:

We require a major credit card (No AMEX) when booking.  The reservation will prompt a $25 charge as a booking fee, this is non refundable.  The booking fee is included in the price of the advertised rental rate.  We do offer a 10% discount for paying cash at time of pickup.


Your reservation may be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to your rental for a full refund minus the $25.00 booking fee. Anything within the 48 hour window you Will be held responsible for the reservation.  When you make a rental, you will receive a confirmation within 1 hour of your rental.  If you do not receive a confirmation, you must call us to confirm that your reservation is valid.

You must provide your own proof of comprehensive and collision insurance prior to rental. (Most insurance cards do not show this.) We do not provide or offer any insurance of any type. You are responsible for 100 % of all liability, damage or loss by you including damage caused by weather, acts of God or terrain conditions.  You are responsible for the cost of repair or actual cash value of the vehicle on the day of loss if it not repairable or if we elect not to repair it. You are responsible for the theft of the vehicle, loss of use, diminished value of the vehicle caused by damage to it or repair of it. Damage or replacement costs are determined by manufacturer’s List Price at the time of the incident.

Jeep Washing:
Every rental in the area requires you to return the vehicle cleaned. The Fuel station at the north end of town has a car wash, you are required to clean your vehicle prior to return. Time permitting, we may offer this as an optional service during non peak days for a nominal charge.

Extra Drivers:
Must be over 25 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and must sign rental agreement and agree to its terms and conditions.

Pets are allowed in standard Jeeps. If you are bringing a pet, please check with us in advance. Pet fee charge is $25. The Jeep MUST be brought back free and clear of pet hair. Any pet hair left can be subject to a cleaning fee. The Fuel station at the north end of town has a car wash.

What To Bring:
High altitudes can cause sunburn and dehydration. Bring sunscreen and plenty of water.

Cell Phones:
Service is spotty up on the mountains. Some systems work better than others. If you are concerned about a health emergency, or need to be in contact with someone not on your trip, please check you have cell service before you venture too far into the wilderness.

Black Bear Pass and Poughkeepsie Gulch are prohibited in all rentals. We do offer private tours of these areas. Please inquire.

Follow The Rules:
Pack it in, pack it out. Leave nothing behind but footprints (and please don’t walk on the wildflowers).

By proceeding to vehicle details you agree that you have read and understand Rental Rules & Regulations.