Expectations. Let us know your expectations, and we will help you plan a tour that meets them . . . and more. Are you looking for thrills and chills, or are you looking for the chance to photograph scenery, wildflowers, wildlife? Or, maybe a little of both. Do you want to just ride, or do you want to get out and explore a little? How are you with heights?

Some tours climb to over 13,000 feet; others stay on more gentle terrain. Some areas are ablaze with wildflower color; others climb steep mountain passes with little or no vegetation. Some areas team with large wildlife, like deer and elk, big cats and bear. Others are home to smaller creatures, like the marmot.

Planning ahead. Whatever your choices, the San Juans are notorious for sudden weather changes. It could be sunny and dry one minute, then raining or snowing the next. Bring a jacket and a hat. High altitude travel in thin air can mean sunburn and dehydration – so bring sunscreen. We supply water. There are no mountaintop restaurants, so you might want to bring snacks. And wear sturdy shoes. Sandals don’t do well in rocky or muddy terrain.

Taking pictures. You will definitely want to bring your camera, tablet, or cell phone. Picture-taking opportunities will literally, take your breath away! We’ll help you take and make unforgettable memories.

What to bring

• Camera, video camera, cell phone or tablet
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses
• Light snacks
• Sun-shade hat
• Long-sleeved shirt or jacket – sun gets strong at high altitudes!
• Layers – it’s usually cool in the morning, hot in the afternoon – but can snow any time of the year.

We supply bottled water, blankets, and rain gear.